Once you've passed you're on the road Contratulations!

However the first shock you'll have is how expensive it is to run your own car. One of the biggest parts of that cost is going to be insurance. Now here's a little secret, we've got way to save you up to lots of £££ off your insurance. It's a Driving Standards agency scheme for new drivers call pass plus!
As a newly passed driver they think you're more likely to crash. We know you're saying but hang on, I've just been trained by the best instructors in the world how can that be? But hey we don't make the rules, and you know the 6 hours (minimum - you might take a little longer) will fly by! You get your certificate, and hey presto, cheaper car insurance. In most cases for younger drivers the course pays for itself financially in the first year. The skills you pick up will be with you for life.