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This is what students say about us, please note, these are as sent by the students and only changed if our solicitor beat us with a stick, and then we changed them a little bit..yes we’ve removed company names.

Helen was a great teacher who was always patient and calm whilst I was driving. I needed someone who would teach me at my own pace so that I could become a competent and safe driver - Helen did just that! I looked forward to every lesson as each one was enjoyable and fun. She helped me build my confidence in general driving as well as all the manoeuvres and never pressured me towards taking my test and we just took it step by step. I was able to pass first time with all Helen’s help and am so grateful to have such a kind and encouraging instructor! Definitely recommend SDDA to anyone! -
Sam Terry - New Malden - Jan 2010

Learning to drive with SDDA was a fantastic experience, I was worried about learning to drive again because I had picked up some bad habits from driving with another instructor, but Helen restored confidence in me and made me feel really comfortable at the wheel. Helen is really easy to talk to and we had so much FUN!! Helen’s calm, confident and relaxed manner really helped me to learn easily and I realised learning to drive was no longer a burden.
I really looked forward to my lessons and loved every minute of it! I passed with 3/15 Driver faults!! Which is something I never thought I’d achieve. I would highly recommend SDDA to anyone that wants to learn in a calm, relaxed, educational and fun environment. -
Lauren - Kingston June 2009

When I first started driving I never thought I would pass, anything to do with gaps, roundabouts and generally any other car on the road I was a mess! Helen has really helped me to be a confident driver and I wouldn’t of passed without her. She doesn’t shout at you when you make a mistake and makes you feel at ease. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to have fun and enjoy learning to drive - Jenny - Banstead - May 2009

Helen was the best teacher I could hope for. When I began to drive I was very nervous, with little confidence behind the wheel; her reassurances throughout my learning enabled me to not only gain this confidence, but also pass first time with only 3 minor driving faults. She is a considerate and patient teacher, and every lesson I had with her was great fun. She is a wonderful person and teaching, whom I would recommend to anyone! -
Millie - Oxshott - March 2009

“As someone who already has a full driving licence but hadn't driven in years, I was looking for an instructor who could make me feel comfortable on the road again without making me feel like a learner. Helen at the Surrey Downs Driving Academy completely fit the bill! Each lesson was fun and full of laughs at the same time as being instructive and helpful. I now look forward to driving instead of dreading it. Thanks Helen! All the best, --
Kat - Hampton Court - 2007

“As a late learner, I thought I would benefit from one of the well-known driving schools but found the experience less than satisfactory and this put me off learning for a while - again. The instructor was impatient, scowled at my mistakes and the learning process was painful and slow.
I was introduced to Helen by a family friend who recommended her wholeheartedly, one of the reasons being that she had passed first time with Helen. From the first lesson, I felt very comfortable, relaxed and found the experience fun, which was not a word I would have previously associated with learning to drive! I always received compliments on things I did right and she was (scarily) patient when things went a bit wrong! She never lost her temper and she always made sure I made the most of each 2 hour lesson – Something else I wasn’t used to. As a full time worker, lessons were sometimes few and far between, which resulted in some of my manoeuvres going awry, but she always showed patience and motivated me to succeed. In the previous school, I was always made to think I was ‘just a learner’, but Helen succeeded in building up my confidence.  I was never rushed into taking the test – She made sure that I had all round confidence in my manoeuvres and driving in general before I even thought of booking it – Skills that I now use every day on the road. Due to the wonderful instruction I received from Helen - I passed first time with very few minor faults!” -- Arnon - Richmond - June 2007
"I started learning with (a large driving school chain) but i didnt get anywhere. I contacted Helen during the holidays and managed to pass my test first time! the best driving instructor you can hope for, she’s calm and very kind. very good teacher! I would strongly recommend her to anyone!” -- kaelie - Hampton Court - 2007

" Helen and SDDA made my learning to drive experience fun. I looked forward to every lesson and was given reassurance and confidence that I could, and would be, a good driver. I was taught logically, patiently and with consideration. As a result, having passed my test, I now love to drive. I would definitely recommend SDDA to anyone starting out on the road. All true!” Kim - Molesy -2007

"Helen was a superb teacher. She was friendly, helpful and very patient as I learned to drive in the UK. Her support was an important component in my efforts to pass my driving license." -- Rowan - Wimbledon -September 2006

Helen took me as a very nervous driver, built up my confidence, and took me through to passing my test. I’m sure I am a more confident driver today, thanks to Helens patience when teaching, and yes, as promised we had some fun too! --
Jack - Molesy - June 2006